High School Senior Portraits: Suggestions

With Senior session upon us, I thought I would take the time to let the Seniors in on things they should bring and consider for their portrait session. First I’ll cover the girls as they tend to care a little bit more about how their portraits turn out. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a boy say “I’m only here cause mom made me come”. I’ve never once heard that from a senior girl.


Clothing – First and foremost, you can never bring too many changes of clothes. You may not get to wear them all, but more options is always better than fewer options. I always tell my clients to bring 1 formal (think prom dress or evening gown), 4-6 casual outfits, and 2-3 “going out” outfits (this is what you would were to a dance club). Try to avoid patterns, plaids, large print (except school related items), and horizontal stripes (vertical stripes are thinning as long as they are not too obnoxious). Bright solid colors usually photograph very well. Try to bring outfits for the season you are being photographed in. If Spring, bring Spring colored outfits. If Autumn, bring more Autumn toned outfits. Make sure to bring shoes to match all outfits. Accessories with scarves, purses, jewelry, hats, sunglassses, etc. Make sure your under garments are the same tones as your clothing. Black bra’s will show up through a white top. Same for the bottoms. If you bring a spaghetti strap shirt or strapless top, make sure you have a bra to go with it. If you want to wear something a little sexier, make sure Mom/Dad approves it beforehand. If you bring a short dress or skirt, make sure to bring a pair or spandex or cheer shorts to go under it. Iron the outfits the night before and avoid folding them.


Hair – Avoid getting a new haircut the day before. If you want to try a new haircut, do it 1 week beforehand so you can figure out if you like it and how to fix it. Bring any items that will quickly allow you to change your hair style.

Nails- avoid getting your nails done right before the session, typically you should do this the day before. Nails and fingers will show so make sure you think about them while getting ready. Clean properly groomed nails will make a big difference in your portraits. All this applies to toenails as well.

Makeup- Apply a “little”(don’t overdo it) more makeup than normal…kind of like you were going to a formal event. Make sure mascara is clean and free of clumps. Extra mascara will make your eyes stand out more. Don’t worry about the random pimple or small break out as these are easy to fix in post-production. Try to bring some translucent powder.

Avoid Tanningfor at least a week before your session. Burned or peeling skin is not flattering. Avoid having tan lines that will show with your outfits.

Glasses- Buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.


Clothing – Try to bring at least 1 nice button up shirt, 2-3 collared shirts, 2-3 casual shirts (T-shirt), comfortable fitting pants and shorts. 2 pair of shoes. Iron any outfit that needs ironing. Bring a belt that matches your outfits. Try to avoid patterns, plaids, words, and horizontal strips. Bright solid colors are great. If you want any black and white portraits, make sure to bring a dark colored outfit. Bring hats if you typically wear them.

Grooming – Depending on how fast you get the 5:00 shadow…Shave the night before. If you quickly get stubble shave about 3 hours before the session to avoid red irritated skin.

Make sure to clean and groom your finger nails

Avoid getting a haircut the morning of your session. Haircuts should be gotten the day before your session and new hair styles should be gotten at least 1 week before your session to allow enough time to figure out how to style it.

Avoid Tanning for at least a week before your session. Burned or peeling skin is not flattering.

Glasses – Buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.

Things to keep in mind…light colors, tight fitting, and horizontal lines make you appear heavier than you are. If you don’t like your arms, don’t bring sleeveless/tank top shirts. Darker colors, looser fitting, and vertical lines are slimming in portraits.

Fashions come and go so avoid bringing too many “fashion trendy” outfits as you probably won’t like them in 1-2 years.

Bring your own props. Class rings, musical equipment, books, flowers, balloons, sports equipment/apparel, iPod, glasses, shoes…items that make you….you.

Bring a friend. Friends bring a level of comfort and relaxation to you and that’s what we’re going for during your session. That person will also know if you are looking and acting like yourself, which is important.

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Sports Apparel and Child Labor Laws Overseas

Ever since 60 Minutes did a television program all on the apparel industry and the textile sub-sector citing the sweatshops in various cities in the United States, people have been very concerned with human rights abuses from employers. Of course what we had seen in Los Angeles in the sweatshops is nothing compared to what happens in China.

In fact many people are worried about child labor laws overseas and those low cost goods coming to the United States and in essence the middle class buying consumer in America is promoting more sweatshops. Can you see the problem here?

Next, we have to ask ourselves if their children playing on the local soccer team, Little League or high school track team are indeed wearing uniforms that were made by children being abused as cheap labor.

This is rather disconcerting because on one hand we are trying to teach children hard work ethic and to practice and learn teamwork by playing sports when in fact they are wearing uniforms that are made using disgusting labor practices, which violate human rights and child labor laws overseas.

Perhaps we might like to think about this and consider the ramifications. Please consider all this in 2006.

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Basketball Sports Apparel for Kids

In the years that a baby is born, the parents will already raise the kid to do certain things. This includes toilet training, cleaning up after playing and enjoying certain sports that are shown on television.

There will come a time that the kid will not only want to watch but also learn to play that sport. There are clinics that can teach these skills but the first thing the parents must get is the right sports apparel for the kid.

For basketball, the player will need the proper clothing and the right footwear.

The clothing is easy because this is only getting a top and a pair of shorts. Those without sleeves are much better since this allows better movement when dribbling the ball or taking those shots.

The fabric should also be able to absorb sweat so that it isn’t that heavy when the player is on the move.

The next is shoes. The person will surely notice that there are a lot of brands on the display shelves in the store. The customer can choose from New Balance, Nike and Reebok among others that will do well in the basketball court.

The other accessories that are minor are a good pair of socks. This will help the person absorb the impact of jumping into the air and landing back on the ground.

Some people are not contented with the plain colored shirt that is available in the store. In order to be like the stars, it helps to dress like the stars. Some sporting goods store such as City Sports or Footlocker may have this but if the price is a bit expensive, then its time to look in other places.

There could be an outlet store selling the same or similar item. This could be a long drive but the customer can probably get two or three for the price of one in a regular establishment.

Another place is the Internet. The individual can also check out some online stores that are known to sell these at discounted prices. It is best to get right measurements first since it will be hard to change should this not fit.

Kids can have more fun in learning and playing a sport by wearing the right apparel. This will help prevent injuries and perfect the skills of the individual that could help make this person a star in high school, college or even in the professional league.

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Sports Apparel for High School Varsity Volleyball

Many athletes will be surprised to know that the sports apparel worn is also categorized as part of the equipment. This is because the outfit used plays a significant factor in making the player perform well in the game.

For example, those who are members of the high school varsity volleyball team need to have the proper gear during practice and competition.

There are three things that make up the sports apparel for those in the high school varsity volleyball team. These are clothing, shoes and protective gear.

Wearing a shirt that has a collar or not and one with sleeves or not will really depend on the players. The important thing is that this will not restrict movement when making those serves or going for the kill.

The same thing goes for the shorts. It is recommended to wear low rise ones instead of those that are long because it can only serve as a distraction to the player. These should be to absorb sweat easily so it is comfortable to use throughout practice or in the game.

The school can look for a supplier who can make this or just buy a set from the sporting goods store. This must always have the school colors in order to make it stand out among other teams who are also participating in the league.

Protective gear is needed to prevent injuries when going for a save on the hard floor. Wearing knee and elbow pads can do this as well as using palm guards to absorb the impact of the ball and from falls.

Wearing long socks until the knees can also prevent scratches that may leave a permanent mark on the skin.

The last thing the player needs for this sport is the right footwear. The shoes the person uses to go running is different for volleyball so it is best to ask the sales clerk for help when picking one from the store.

Most high schools have a budget for the team so everyone can head out into the store and choose the right model together then just get the correct sizes for everyone to use.

Accessories such as the sports bag, towel and water bottle may also be ordered from the supplier. All of these should be able to create unity and camaraderie among the players that can help achieve victory.

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